Lacey Fussel - Muse Wine Management 

Muse Wine Management's client base is a roster of labels that lead the industry in innovation, quality, advanced growing practices and engaging marketing programs.  The wine industry is a creative and close-knit collection of people with whom the team at Muse Wine Management are proud and inspired to be a part of.


Lacey Fussel


Muse Wine Management is led by wine-industry veteran Lacey Fussel.  With 15-years of experience in the wine industry, Lacey has succeeded in elevating brands using innovative sales and marketing strategies. With a degree in Business and Wine Marketing, her varied and passionate history includes work with Vintners Associations and multiple prominent boutique wineries. Lacey has helped to focus industry awareness on important wine regions and she has run successful marketing, sales and media outreach campaigns, including product and package development and brand launches. Lacey joined the Muse team in 2009 with a desire to work with brands and influencers in multiple facets of the industry. She has since developed relationships with a number of the industry’s key writers and media personalities, offering her clients access to influential media outlets.

Lacey acquired Muse Wine Management in 2015 and has since applied a fresh vision for strategy moving forward. 


Lisa Gerbac

Marketing Consultant

Lisa Gerbac is a results-driven, creative marketing and management consultant. She has nearly fifteen years of multi-faceted wine industry experience including wine marketing, as well as work as creative director and partner in two successful boutique wine companies.  With a degree in business and wine marketing she specializes in all aspects of design including logos, print materials, events, interiors, and packaging.  Lisa enjoys communicating and forming strong relationships with others, making for a fun, calm, creative process during any project.  Lisa is a valuable member of the MUSE team.


Blakeney Sanford

Creative Consultant

With a lifetime spent in the wine industry, Blakeney Sanford brings a unique perspective to wine marketing.  Since childhood, she has worked in all aspects of the industry including farming, harvest, winemaking, marketing, DTC sales, and branding.  Having pursued her professional fine art career, showing her work globally, she has found her place in the industry as a Creative Consultant.  She joins MUSE in this capacity, contributing marketing and branding strategies as well as graphic design, writing, photography and videography.  Her perspective of the industry, from the inside out, gives her a strong foundation to stand on and offers unique input to MUSE’s roster of wineries.